Kiribath and Lunu Miris…..


This morning my friend and I were looking forward to eating Kiribath (Milk Rice) and Lunu Miris (Paste made with chillies, salt, onion, Maldive fish flakes and lemon juice) at the Sri Lankan Buddhist Temple after the ceremonial dedication of the new Sanghawasaya (living quarters for clergy).

Maybe it was because we were on our way to participate in such a meritorious act or maybe it was the red and yellow tulips I had bought to offer at the Temple…..whatever it was, all the powers for good in this universe were looking out for me and for a young boy named Michael when he decided to cross three lanes of traffic right in front of my car. Michael survived with an injury to his left leg and no one else was hurt.

That is not the real story though. The real story is about the many people who stopped to help, from the nurse on her way to work at the near-by hospital, the woman who turned her car around to give me her phone number in case the police needed a statement, the woman who took charge and made sure both the boy and I were looked after and that I knew what the correct procedure to follow was, the off-duty policewoman and her partner who helped out till their colleagues arrived to take over, the young Indian woman who spoke to me in Hindi reassuring me that there was nothing I could have done to prevent it by saying “nahi, nahi”, the woman who drove to get the boy’s mother and many other people who helped in whatever way they could on a busy Saturday morning. It was incredible to experience the generosity of the human spirit in action. And what was even more heart warming to notice upon reflection was the amazing mix of nationalities and ethnicities of this group of people who all now call New Zealand their home……I am truly blessed to be living amongst you all…

We did make it to the Temple in time to eat the Kiribath and Lunu Miris with a cup of highly sugared plain tea and also marvel at another group of people who contributed whatever they could over the last few years to make the dream of a new Sanghawasaya possible. A bunch of people brought together by their religion and the longing to recreate a tiny piece of Sri Lanka in a far off land they now call home……


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  1. edwardarnhold says:

    Hey, I was just stopping by to check out your page and thank you for stopping by and liking my page “Starting Today” post.

    May I ask what is the country of origin for your blog, or in layman’s terms, where are you from?


    1. Hi Edward,
      Rewriting my original reply as the previous one has gone missing. I am Sri Lankan by birth and currently living in New Zealand. This blog is my attempt at reconciling the two cultures through my love of all things food, but in particular Sri Lankan food…..

      Thanks for reading.

  2. edwardarnhold says:

    Yes, I have been doing a lot of simplifying as well in my life. Mainly with my “friends” but with other things like trying to drive less… although I am a pizza delivery driver. If I can walk or skate to where i need to I do that instead. Also, all my frivolous will soon be cut down to nothing I hope. Just trying to not get caught up in the tings that don’t matter, so I can focus on what really does matte to me.

  3. Madhawa says:

    Hey, quite an horrendous experience … ended up with kiribath and a good dose of great human touch. Yes, adversity does bear sweet fruits … even a simple thing like a punctured tire, most of the times reveals the divine human-beings among us or exposes the divinity in regular human-beings among us.

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