Tuna in Ambul Thiyal


Yesterday morning I went to the local supermarket and saw they had fresh Tuna for sale. I had been looking for some to make into Ambul Thiyal (gravy-less fish dish made with three key ingredients; Goraka (Garcinia cambogia), Peppercorns and Salt) which I had previously made using Lemon Fish. It cost an arm and a leg, but I decided it was worth the money to see if I could get it to taste how I remember it from home. We are having it for dinner tonight, but I have had a taste and yes it does taste as good as my mother’s Ambul Thiyal.

Later in the day it was time for an entirely different kind of fish. Salmon to be exact. I had been wanting to see the movie Salmon Fishing in the Yemen ever since I saw the trailer some months back. For some reason the story fascinated me. My new interest in cooking, blogging and other social commitments had taken up all my free time and last week I realised the movie was now only being shown in a few cinemas and at odd times. A friend finally found that it was on last night at a cinema in the North Shore and when timings worked out, I decided to go see it.


It was an incredibly good movie and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was a story about people who dream impossible dreams and then persevere to make them come true. It is also about unlikely friendships and  love fraught with complications. And much the same as the farm bred salmon swimming upstream despite not having done it for three generations, the complicated love does come to fruition in the end.

A mere 6 or 7 months ago, I was too scared to drive over the Auckland Harbour Bridge; so going to see a movie in the North Shore wouldn’t have been possible on my own. And if I lived in Sri Lanka, as a woman alone, you couldn’t go into a movie theater without being assaulted in some shape or form. I marvel at my life today because I too have made impossible dreams come true and while it hasn’t cost 50 million British Pounds or needed the engineers from the Three Gorges Dam in China to help provide the expertise, it has been my own version of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen………


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  1. Madhawa says:

    Watched this movie on a flight … not having heard of it before, and having many other movies to opt, still its intriguing title captivated me. Loved it. Love your perspective of how we, in our own little ways “farm salmon in Yemen”! Brilliant!!

    1. Sometimes you do feel as if you you were swimming upriver like the Salmon, but still you have to try. My motto is ” a life without regrets”, so uphill it is….

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