When the Stars Line Up

Do you believe in serendipity? When things line up so perfectly that everything falls into place and if they hadn’t, you wouldn’t be sitting where you are sitting right now? Can you think of when that has happened to you? I can think of many instances of this happening in my life. In fact I wouldn’t be sitting here right now if my father hadn’t given me a paper clipping for a Nutritionist role at New Zealand Milk, Sri Lanka saying I should apply for it, or if I hadn’t decided to take two New Zealand based colleagues jewellery shopping while they were in Sri Lanka and happened to overhear about a job vacancy in Auckland. I could have decided to ignore my dad’s advice or not ask if I could apply for the New Zealand based role and the last 13 years of my life would vanish without a sign. No son, no house or even a cat. And I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be writing this blog either.

I spoke with someone last weekend who believed that what she needed in life would be given to her and if it wasn’t, then that was because she didn’t need it in the first place. A thought provoking concept. She spoke about how once she broke down on a rural road about 10km from home without a cellphone and was sitting in her car contemplating which direction she would walk to get help, when she looked in her rear view mirror and saw her son pull up behind her. A totally random occurrence, but when she needed it the most, he just happened to be the next car to drive by.

So is it this belief that you will be looked after that is important for serendipity to happen or does it happen anyway? Again thinking about my own life, I had no idea that people believed in things like serendipity or synchrodestiny as described by Deepak Chopra. Nevertheless seemingly random sets of events have happened, that later had a huge impact on my life.

After I separated from my husband, I wanted to get life insurance, but found it difficult with my medical history. Then one day at work we got an email saying if we sign up before the end of the month then all preexisting conditions would be accepted. I downloaded the forms and saw that for an extra $2 a month I could also get income protection insurance. I thought; why not and ticked that box too. Then about an year later, in November of 2010, I finally decided to increase the number of hours I worked, not having a clue about how important this decision would come to be. In September 2011, I had to take medical retirement from my job and found that the income protection payment would be calculated based on the salary I was receiving the November before I fell ill. Today I am able to maintain a reasonable quality of life both health-wise and financially because these seemingly random events occurred just the way they did.

So I don’t think you necessarily need to believe in it. But the more you become aware of it, the more you seem to notice it. Somethings more important that others. Last weekend it was getting a cup of coffee at a beach 15 minutes from town where there was no cafe. On that particular day, there was a mobile coffee cart selling coffee on the beach. I needed coffee and I got coffee. At other times it is things that change your life forever like the two sets of events I described above. I could chalk up these events as simply being good luck. But I like to think there is a greater force at work that drive us towards choosing between different options and if we follow our instincts, then life has a way of falling into place……


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  1. i agree with you. I dont’ think you need to believe in it, but the more you become aware, the more you notice it. Thanks!

    1. It is amazing isn’t it that we could go through most of our lives without this realisation and then suddenly we see it everywhere…

  2. To me serendipity exists, but we can’t go looking for it – it only becomes apparent as a retrospective examination – if we look for serendipity we won’t find it.
    I occasionally find I have captured an element in my photographs which I didn’t see when I took them, which can totally transform the photograph.

    1. I do agree with you about it being retrospective and not being able to find it if we go looking. I think there is an intuitive element involved as well. For the stars to line up, the decision making has to be made using your intuition as the guide when faced with two different options or paths.

      1. Ah – the choice between two options/paths… sometimes the choice is clear and sometimes when that choice is clear we should choose the alternative, because that’s where serendipity lies.

  3. Madhawa says:

    Wonderful subject. Recently I’ve been reading a book called “7 Secrets of Shiva”. Among the great sparks of wisdom it imparted, was the notion of serendipity. It says the human suffering stems from the illusions of insecurity and fears humans harbor owing to greed and attachment. That the recognition of the true state of soul: i.e. peaceful state without greed and attachment demystifies and invalidates the maya of fear and insecurity. Recognition of the existence of the serendipity and learning to embrace it in all situations … I believe would lead to demolition of our fears and worries.

    1. That is an interesting concept and I would like to explore it further. I think the key is attachment to the outcome of any course of action we are taking.

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