An Ultimate Explanation

Yesterday I listened to an Audio Book of Lynne McTaggart’s well known book “The Field”. I had come across a reference to it when I was researching the phenomenon of Kundalini Awakening online. In this book Lynne McTaggart talks how quantum physics applies to living things and how everything that we are is contained in a Zero Point Forcefield or what she calls “The Field”. Both short and long term memory is contained in this Field and our brains are merely decoders according to McTaggart. When we die, she postulates that we vacate our physical bodies and who we are remains in the Field. She talks about how the earth and all living things on it have a quantum connection with each other and that all living things contain light of which bio photons are the basic unit. At the level of the bio photons all possible variations exist at the same time. Time is not linear and same as in quantum physics, when something is observed or measured, it takes a snapshot of one of those variations. Research in this area indicates that human beings could influence the output of Random Effect Generators even from great distances.

McTaggart used her skills as an investigative journalist and interviewed scientists working on various subjects all over the world and pulled this information together to explain why things like homeopathy or acupuncture worked. She concluded that we could use the power of intention and create change for both good and bad. She currently runs a series of experiments which seek to create peace or heal using group intentions of people spread around the world.

McTaggart’s theory has far reaching implications across a number of fields including religion and metaphysics. If you think of it, it explains why traditional practices from various cultures that heal and bless work, dating back from the ancient to the currently popular methods like Reiki.

As Buddhists when we gather at a 7 day or 3 month alms-giving to remember our dead, it is that group intention that sends positive energy to the departed person to help them be born in a better time and place. When we visit the sick or gather to farewell someone again we are sending positive energy to heal or wish the person a safe journey.

In our culture people still believe in the evil eye or evil tongue; when someone looks at your with envy or wishes you misfortune. And we use various practices to guard ourselves including charms and “pirith nool” or string that has been blessed. If there indeed was a Field that contained all this energy, then it is possible to think that wearing a charm next to your body could offer some protection against negative energy.

In Buddhist philosophy a lot has been said about choosing your friends wisely. Again it would make sense that people that genuinely wish us well can do a lot of good for us while those that are false friends can harm us greatly, simply by their intentions.

I am still getting my head around this concept, but listening to Lynne McTaggart on CD yesterday, I felt like all the bits of information in my head was finally coming together and that this phenomenon explained the concept of Inter-connectedness more than any other theory I have seen to date.

I have only presented here a tiny portion of Lynne McTaggart’s work and any errors in terminology or transcription are entirely mine. If you are interested in the subject of inter-connectedness, I would encourage you to read her book as it presents a completely new world view.


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  1. Kingsley says:

    Good stuff. Thank you for trying to explain really complex topic in a simple way. One thing I never understand is quantum theory. Like you writing. Look forward to next one.

    1. Thank you. I am amazed at the information I am discovering now that I have an interest in this area…It has been out there all along, and I had no idea….

  2. It is a difficult topic for me too and this is new information. But I was so excited I wanted to share it as soon as I heard enough to understand the fundamentals. Glad if it made sense. Thank you.

  3. Madhawa says:

    Great read. Sounds like an interesting audio book. Would be nice if you could share it.

    1. I borrowed the CD from the library, so don’t think I can copy it across. But here is the link to the book on Amazon. Definitely worth a read…

  4. Madhawa says:

    Sounds like an interesting audio book. Would be nice if you could share it.

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