Bonds Across Eternity……..

If you are a regular reader of my blog you might have noticed that my themes have been very closely inter-related in the last few weeks. Often I don’t know what I am going to be writing until I sit down at my computer and at other times certain topics demand to be written about when they come to my attention. Today’s topic has been one I have been mulling over for a while without a plan on how I was going to present the idea.

I have been reading a lot about the existence of soul mates or twin souls or twin flames in the recent weeks. It relates to what I wrote previously about our interconnectedness and the fact that we are all leaves on the same tree with some leaves being on the same twig as us and others being further away. So it is possible that there are people who we have had close association with through many different lifetimes that we meet again and again. In my culture, this concept is not that out of place as a popular Sinhala song by Victor Ratnayake evidence.

The lake of smiles that bloomed from the unbound petals of your lips………

Creating waves in the deep blue seas of the heart…..

Pleasures such as these have not been felt before……

They rock all three states of my consciousness…..

You are mine as long as we wander through eternity……

The sun has set on the water’s edge, night has fallen…..

Stars are falling down amidst a churning river of the sky……

I cannot keep looking, I see your eyes….

You are mine as long as we wander through eternity……

The soft breeze stirs the buds on the Na Tree that are signalling spring……….

I cannot keep looking, I see your lips……

You are mine as long as we wander through eternity……

The path we have traveled through the ages has become tangled up and wrong….

It shows signs that you have parted from me……

I cannot keep looking, I feel that I have known you before…..

You are mine as long as we wander through eternity……

Even though we share the same earth and sky and are of one heart, in body we are still two….

I cannot keep looking, my whole being aches…..

You are mine as long as we wander through eternity……

The song mentions the the phrase “Sasara Sari Sarana Thek Oba Mage, Oba Mage” meaning “You are mine as long as we wander through eternity”, alluding to the fact that the bonds of love endures across life times.

Through my reading, I now understand that there is a distinction between Soulmates and Twin Souls or Twin Flames. Soulmates are those that have been closely bonded with us through many lifetimes and we can have many of them. Some births they are born as our family or close friends and others they maybe partners. But Twin Souls or Twin Flames are our “other half”. When we reunite with a Twin Soul we become complete. Male + Female halves come together to form a complete “whole”. And I also understand that this is a very rare occurrence and that the two people cannot be together until they have each worked through their own Karma from past lives.

I have been trying to reconcile this understanding with what I know about Buddhism. The intense longing to possess someone through eternity is a form of attachment and as long as you cling to the idea, you will continue to be born in human form to suffer parting from that person again and again along with all the other forms of suffering that constitute human life. To end this suffering, you have to let go of all attachment including that towards who we consider to be our “other half”. And to do this, we need to look within ourselves and seek completion on the inside; become “whole”. The question is how do we become “whole”? Through these many lifetimes we have been looking for that one person that made us complete, never quite getting there. How can we become complete and whole just by ourselves? The answer I think lies with the understanding that we are already whole and complete. That by showing ourselves the compassion and unconditional love we would give to the other person we acknowledge that “wholeness” and become complete.

And when we finally reach that level of consciousness, the people we had been bound to through eternity will be reunited with us for one last time. This I consider one of the sweet ironies of life. Give up looking and you will find it, but only when you honestly don’t need it anymore……….


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  1. Madhawa says:

    Hey, learnt couple of new things here. Did not know about twin souls. Is it about one soul splitting into two and seeking to get reunited? Seen a similar concept in the movimovie called Little Buddha. Where in the tradition of seeking the reborn lamas, they comecome across three possible children: one boy from US, one boy from Nepal, and a girl from India – I may have got this country wrong. On subjecting the childrechildren to the traditional tests, the lamas cinclude that all three are incarnates of the lama they were seeking. This they accept as a rare possibility.

    A beautiful translation of the song

    1. Thanks. Really debated about writing this given the difficulty of balancing with soullessness. This is why I left out the splitting of a single soul into two. But I have been fascinated with this topic for a long time.

  2. Madhawa says:

    The concept of soullessness is about not recognizing one unique individual continuing through rebirths. Soullessness is about an incarnation being an effect caused by one’s karmic entropy – so the new incarnation is not a continuum of the previous life, but merely a result of its good and bad karma – this you have very well explained in an earlier article. So if you choose to identify a certain karmic stream (this stream flows on forming new ponds on the way and gathering new volume) as a soul, then that would be the Buddhist description of soul. This definition, supports the visualization of one stream of karma, splitting and causing the effects of two or more incarnations – that would later become separate karmic streams with some affinity to unite. Conversely – if the split was true, then the merging should be true too: it is also logical to expect two karmic streams uniting to form one stream!!! (Two souls in one: now I understand MPD – multiple personality disorder 🙂 ) I’m sure somebody would h ave thought of this possibility. See your subjects are very thought provoking!

    1. Thank you. I wasn’t able to work it out that far. I instinctively understood that that splitting into two and reuniting part was true, but hadn’t thought of it in terms of the karmic streams as an equivalent of the soul. That makes perfect sense. See this article about it..

      It ties in with the Buddhist concept of soullessness because the author mentions that in human form, the twins evolve differently and are therefore different but yet the same..

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