Where Does Love Come From?

When you Google any topic related to love, you get millions of results about the various facets of love. I have always wondered where love actually comes from, but my searches on the Internet didn’t really give me an answer.

In the recent past, there was an incident where, someone I cared about a lot and I had a phone conversation after which I felt totally disconnected with them. And coming away from that phone call, I suddenly felt like a tap had been turned off on the caring feeling I had about them. There was no one thing I could pin point in the conversation that could have caused it, but taken as a whole, I recognised that I no longer had that feeling of intense emotion for the person in question. My first reaction was self doubt. Was I that selfish a person where as soon as I recognised I wasn’t going to get what I wanted, my feelings changed? If so, were those original feelings real?

Late last night everything finally made sense. I finally understood where love came from. Love is a form of energy and as such it cannot be created or destroyed. We simply tap into it under certain conditions. It doesn’t reside in a certain place until we need it. It is everywhere and nowhere at all. To tap into it we simply need to open our hearts and we feel it. To feel it in relation to another person we need to have a connection with them. When we have worked to open our hearts to unconditional love, which is the ultimate energy of the Universe, we feel intense love for the person or persons we are closely connected with. In this instance, we are simply a translating device or a conduit for the Universal Love around us. Depending on the strength of the connection between us and the other person, the intensity of the love received by the other person is proportionately increased.

And this brings me to my question, was it really unconditional if it could be turned off in response to some action by the other person? The answer is yes. And that is because Universal Love flows through us to the other person via the connection we feel with them. If something they say or do suddenly cuts off this connection, then love can no longer flow. If nothing is done to repair and restore the connection, then no more love will be given or received much like a disconnected power cable cannot conduct electricity until it is repaired.

This insight is exhilarating and scary at the same time. All of us have the ability within us to feel unconditional love, yet few of actually ever get there. And fewer still of us are fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of such love from another person. That is the scary part. The exhilarating part is the understanding that because it is Universal Love, we can tap into it ourselves and direct it to ourselves without waiting for someone else to be our conduit. At the end of the day, whether you give it to yourself or you receive it via someone else it is the selfsame love and we are all entitled to receive it.


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  1. Madhawa says:

    Another new thought…
    I guess time is an agent who’s clever at opening closed taps. Also compassion may be a shade of love that doesn’t have valves to shut.
    Love the way you ponder deeply on these complex emotions. Keep going.

    1. I don’t think the connection ever dies completely, so yes time would heal the cuts in it. But maybe the nature of the connection changes to no longer be a super conductor…..
      Is compassion a shade of love, or something different altogether. Or is it intertwined in love and not separate from it……..? As always you fuel my pondering:). Thank you.,

  2. Madhawa says:

    Good thought … they could well be two with confused identities? Independent of compassion – love seems to simplify itself. The sexual love seems to coincide more with possessiveness and seems to be a nourishment for self-love Interesting …

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