What’s so special about today?

Life is upside down sometimes

It is Mother’s day, a day like any other. Jacob was up by 6am wanting me to get up and get on with things. It is quite cold and there is nothing I would have liked more than to snuggle up in bed for another hour or so and have someone bring me breakfast in bed or even just a coffee. But alas! The lot of the single mother means if she wants coffee or breakfast in bed on Mother’s day and your child is not old enough to boil the kettle, then you have to get it yourself. If you want a present, then you have to buy it yourself or at least give them the  money to buy it and hope it is something you like. So if you ask me, there is nothing very special about today.

All 365 days of the year are special days for me. Some days I get spontaneous cuddles or “thanks mum”s. Other days like yesterday it was a cute email of two Lego heads cuddling up to each other to say he loved me…..At other times, you just want to go to bed at 6pm and not worry about bedtime routines or brushing teeth and want something as simple as finding the toilet seat free of pee. Some days you worry about little things like whether they will notice the van backing up as they walk in the school gate or whether they would embarrass you by practicing their latest bad word in public. Of course you have those proud moments too; like when he said he read the ladybird version of “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” without missing a single word or those heart warming ones like “mum, I want you to live to be a 101”. Like it or not, good or bad, proud or embarrassed, you are mum every day of the year, even on Mother’s day:)


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  1. Madhawa says:

    A hard pill of reality. Not bitter at all. Very real and heart warming. Happy mother’s day! I mean for today and everyday… Congratulate Jacob for his head stand. He seems to be quite good at it.

    1. Thank you. It is his latest skill and he loves showing it off. Uses it as a coping mechanism in strange places too which is a bit difficult in a place like a crowded waiting room a the doctors:)

      1. Madhawa says:

        It must actually be helping him to centre. Intoduce him to a few more postures thru YouTube. That will give wim a wider range of tools to use. Mudras are great tools for anyone to use for a quick centering, and less overt.

      2. I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks. Will look it up.

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