Dark Night of the Soul

Last week I spoke about the quiet joy that finds us sometimes; the joy that cannot be attributed to any single event or person. Of course joy cannot exist without sadness as they are one and the same and such is the nature of duality.

At its most extreme, sadness can take the form of despair. This is when everything feels hopeless and you feel like life is not worth living. I have read many other blogs on WordPress where such despair is expressed because for some of these bloggers, this is their only avenue for expression, of reaching out to somebody.

For us luckier ones, we have good friends that stand by us through the dark night of the soul at whatever cost to themselves and this short post is a dedication to all such friends. Life would be much harder if these people were not in our lives.

Violinist Ji-Hae Park talks about her battle with depression and how she found joy through music. I found her music to touch me at the very core of my being. I hope you are able to feel it too and remember that the dark times will and do pass, and joy is sure to follow………


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