Who Moved My Cheese…….?

Taking a BreakAn island amidst this sea of change; I found myself at Mission Bay Beach, Auckland for a couple of hours with nothing to do. A brilliant winter’s day with with little cloud and the sun’s brightness reflecting off the deep blue ocean. The photo does not do it justice.

A few weeks ago, I emailed someone a short synopsis of my life. In it I described the friendships that sustained me and proclaimed I was very happy with how life was at that moment. It was like a challenge to the Universe. Now a mere few weeks on, everything has turned on its head. It was like a wave of turbulence has hit my life and swept away the familiar markers, leaving empty spaces where walls once used to stand. Change, the one sure thing in life…..

Back in 2001, when the New Zealand Dairy Board was merging with the Anchor and kiwi Dairy Companies to form Fonterra, we were sent on change management courses. The first one was so that we could understand what our colleagues in other departments were going through as we had been told our jobs were safe. Then of course we got the dreaded letters too and as per standard protocol, we had to attend a change management course. The same one we had done just two weeks before. This time so we could learn how to deal with change ourselves. Then a colleague in our department distributed copies of “Who Moved My Cheese”, the bible of change management written by Spencer Johnson. A story about two mice named Sniff and Scurry and two little people named Hem and Haw and how they deal with change in terms of cheese which represents happiness and success while living in the maze which represents the environment. I still have the copy on my bookshelf.

So you could say I am highly trained in the subject of change. And in the intervening years life very kindly obliged me by throwing more and more change at me from every direction conceivable. So you could even say I am an expert. Yet, this most recent change in my friendships has affected me to a great extent. I feel like like I am on a rudderless raft, much like the one in the movie “Kontiki” I saw last weekend, Unlike Thor Heyerdahl, who was so sure he would hit the Southern Equatorial Current that he refused to use any modern materials to reinforce his papyrus raft, I don’t have any strong convictions of what my future is going to look like. This is simply because I didn’t ask for change. I was very happy and grateful for what I had. So the future is yet uncharted waters for me.

The only recourse left open to me is hang on tight and go along for the ride. I am sure I will be shown what is to come in the weeks ahead. The lesson for me at this moment is to trust that I will be taken care of as I have always been and that bigger and better things will come my way…….Watch this space…..


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  1. Kyo Ong says:

    A wise person once said “the only constant is change”.
    Those who fail to adapt and respond.. will get left behind and frustratingly so.

    Being grateful daily will definitely make life a whole lot more pleasant to live!

    Cheers to your attitude in life!

    1. They are wise words indeed. Thank you. I do think though that I seem to magnetize change and draw it towards me, more so than other people……

      1. Kyo Ong says:

        Great to hear that. 🙂

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