Another Milestone

Another Milestone

It has been over week since my last post. Life has been quite busy lately and I am struggling to find the time to sit and write….

I posted a different version of this picture on my Facebook page earlier this week with the comment that “it has been nearly a year since I stopped hiding my grey hair and opted for a more natural look”. The response from my friends and family have been overwhelmingly positive although some friends did comment they would prefer I colour my hair.

It took a lot of courage to not go back to colourlng in the first few months, especially since I had begun dating again. Even my mother protested. But I found most of the new people I met accepted my new look and that gave me the courage to continue. One or two even commented that they rather liked the fact that I had broken convention and said it showed strength. My Englishman has only ever seen me like this, so he has no problems with it either.

In Sri Lankan culture grey hair is so strongly associated with aging and that is what some of my friends struggle with when they see me like this. But I personally don’t feel any older than the 43 years I am today….In fact, I feel a lot younger……And I don’t think eliminating all the grey would have any effect on how happy I feel right at this moment…..


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  1. Well done you!! Fabulous! šŸ™‚

  2. Arathi Manay says:

    Good for you Sandamali! Grey hair gets its own respect. In India, as may be the case in Sri Lanka, the only thing you need to be ready for is grown men calling you “aunty”. You get used to it!

    1. Thanks Arathi. Have already been called aunty by some of the Sri Lankans here:). The Kiwis are different.

  3. Jenna Dee says:

    Good on you, you look beautiful and vibrant just as you are. Love Jenna

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