Insane to Love?

Last night my Englishman and I were treading the path of a familiar conversation about why he should (me)/should not (him) have a full medical check up due to a couple of health issues that have surfaced recently. At one point, he tried to short circuit the potential argument by asking me if I knew the meaning of “insanity”. I quoted back a definition I had seen online and variously attributed to Albert Einstein, Benjamen Franklin and Mark Twain. (It originally appeared in a Narcotics Anonymous publication in 1981 according to The Huffington Post) He was trying to say it was insanity to keep asking him to do it when he had said no several times before.


But thinking about the definition actually reminded me about another act of insanity he and I were both guilty of…..”opening your heart to someone with the hope it won’t be broken”…..This particular act of insanity is inescapable for those of us looking for love in our forties…..So I said to him I was indeed guilty of being insane……and that I would rather be insane and believe in succeeding at love than be bitter and twisted and alone…..



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