One of Those Moments……

Yesterday at ten minutes past one in the afternoon, I nearly died……I was on my way back from picking up some takeaways for my parents who hadn’t given me a definite time for their visit which meant I hadn’t planned ahead for their lunch…..

I had the Sambal Chicken Rice and the Mixed Vegetable Curry from my favourite Malaysian Restaurant in a bag beside me on the passenger seat and was coming out of a shared car/pedestrian zone in my little town and so wasn’t going very fast. There are two sets of lights as I came past the bus interchange leading up to the main intersection which spans 4 lanes of traffic. As I came around the corner to the first set of lights I noticed the second set which was only meters away go from green to orange and just took my foot off the accelerator for an instant. Then I thought I could make it and put my foot down again. But I hadn’t moved my car more than half a car length over the line when I saw a car come whizzing down from my right and run the red light. If I hadn’t had that momentary hesitation or if the second light had been green the last time I had looked at it, I would have been smack bang in the middle of the path of that car……

It was such a near miss that I could almost feel what the impact would have been like and what I might have felt…It was like everything was happening in slow motion…I stared at the bag of food upside down in the passenger foot well with the gravy spilling out…I looked up and exchanged looks with the drivers of the other vehicles waiting at the lights and one of them raised a hand in greeting. We all knew things could have had a very very bad ending if I had been another half a car length forward……

I hadn’t been feeling well for a few days and hadn’t slept the night before. So life had seemed quite difficult and slow yesterday…But after this incident I realised that some things in life were so minor when you consider how fragile our lives were, that they simply weren’t important enough to be upset about. All I wanted to do was come home and tell my loved ones how much I loved them…….


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  1. acuriousgal says:

    How terrifying and unsettling!! So glad everyone is ok!

    1. Thank you…Guess it wasn’t my time to go…..And I am so very glad to still be here to tell the tale…..

      1. Madhawa says:

        Great to be able to tell these stories personally…take care!

      2. Thanks. Yes. I lived to tell the tale and boy am I glad:)….

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