Thinking Further…..

Last week’s post about the implications of losing one’s independence because of illness and being dependent on a loved one was the catalyst for a new way of looking at the future. The realisation crystalised through the act of writing and further thought brought me no closer to a place of comfort. My lovely Englishman wrote me a beautiful email with his view of how he would take care of me and Jacob and eventually work towards a life together. He says he is in it for the long term and the prospect of caring for me in such an eventuality does not faze him. And I love him for it. Yet I am not convinced I want to be a burden on him in such a manner. I have however decided that the future is not mine to predict and I am going to live one day at a time being grateful for each and every minute of happiness and joy.

Yesterday we went to the Races at Ellerslie courtesy of a couple of free tickets given to me by a friend. He knew my love of horse racing and thought I could find some use for them. 


Although the weather was not that spring like, the day was pleasant enough to sit outside on the Ascot Stand. I picked my horses based on the names of Jockeys I knew and lucky numbers, but the Englishman displayed a surprising talent at picking winners based on their racing form. Image

All up the day cost us mere 30 dollars including lunch because he managed to win us enough money to cover our other expenses. I have picked myself a winner there:)……

We left after the 6400m Steeple Chase on which we had 4 different bets. It was a real exciting race with the winner Rangiatira leading by a large margin all the way finally winning by a nose and netted us a total of 42 dollars. They do say the English are a cool race. Not a trace of that excitement showed on his face while watching the other horses chase Rangiatira 3 times around the track……


It was another beautiful day to add to the ones we have spent together over the last few weeks. And I think the greatest lesson I am learning from this new relationship is to go with the flow and be kind to each other. The rest will take care of itself……



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  1. Beautiful words… and a wonderful plan: kindness plus going with the flow 🙂

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