Catching Up

I haven’t written for over two weeks now. Life has been busy leading up the School Holidays which start next Tuesday. Pretty stressful too. Jacob has been having a tough time at school with the absence of his friend who moved to a different school middle of last month. His grief took the form of not caring about anything anymore and wanting to get punished by constantly misbehaving. The experts tell us this is so he could feel something other than the actual feelings of grief he is experiencing but is unable to explain either to himself or to us. There was an emergency meeting at the school with psychologists from both the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education last Friday. Together we worked out a plan to get through the next few days without any major dramas so that he ends the school year on a positive note. It meant us having to pay extra for the Teacher’s Aide to stay to the end of the school day with him, but I think it is worth it. On Friday afternoon I tried picking him up early at the school’s suggestion, but that went horribly wrong when the school changed the plans on him last minute by letting the Teacher’s Aide go home at 1.30 pm and not letting her bring Jacob to the car at 2pm as we had originally planned.

On the plus side the Englishman and I have had another excursion, this time to Huntly, south of Auckland to see an old Bush Tramway in operation. It was good fun and we ended the day with a stop at the Auckland Botanical Gardens in Manurewa….They had a garden sculpture exhibition I had particularly wanted to see.




On the 28th of November, I was sworn in as a Citizen of New Zealand. Although I have been in New Zealand since January 2000, I had not been really sure I wanted to give up Sri Lankan citizenship all these years. Once when Jacob was born, I did apply and my application was approved. Unfortunately I was offered an overseas transfer by my then employer to Singapore and as a consequence of my leaving NZ soon after the approval of the application, the Department of Internal Affairs rescinded the grant. It took me another 5 years to qualify to apply again and this time I made sure there were no hiccups. I had not worn a saree since my wedding in 2004, so was a bit out of practice, but the pictures don’t show that.


Last weekend, Jacob and I took the Englishman to the Stardome Observatory in Auckland. He had never been, and we had fun showing him around. Afterwards we spent some time playing on the playground equipment outside and then drove up to the top of One Tree Hill.





So it has been a busy few weeks. In between all of this I found time to visit 4 friends who have had babies recently. The oldest of them was born in late June, but I had had not time with my new relationship, University commitments and Jacob. The newest baby I saw was only a day old. It was an amazing feeling to hold a tiny warm bundle in my arms again…

The Englishman and I are slowly figuring each other out. We have our moments and sometimes it seems as if it is all too hard. But somehow there is something there that keeps us working through whatever obstacle we hit. On Christmas eve, we will celebrate our 6 month anniversary. There were times I thought we would not make it that far. But we are nearly there; it is only another two weeks to go. Happiness is such a transient feeling. But we have had more happy moments than sad and I think that counts for something.

As  you can see, this post is more of an update than anything else. I hope I find more time to write in the coming weeks. But when the weather is nice and there are things to do, it is hard to find time to sit down at my computer and be creative…I hope you will bear with me.


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  1. Love the pics. And, always with your writing, no matter how much is going on, I feel you present so much hope. I wish you and your son the best 🙂

    1. Thanks Kimberly. It is good to be able to finally write about good stuff happening in my life. For years I dreaded catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while because I had so much bad news to impart….

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