It is nearly 3am. I have just awoken from bad dream and want to clear the cobwebs from my mind. The Englishman is away watching Cricket in Perth this week, so I am spending a weekend on my own.

In my dream, I was involved in a shootout where my companion (who I was pretty sure was the Englishman) kill a dozen armed men who were stealing something from a school. A very noble endeavour some might say, but pretty horrible to witness. The grotesqueness of the dream was signified by the fact that afterwards we sat on the ground from where he had shot those people and calmly ate our lunch, the reason we were in the area in the first place. I woke up with my whole body feeling tense and have been unable to go back to sleep.

When I logged onto WordPress I came across a very appropriate post for this time of the night…Walk mindfully. Sit mindfully. Breathe mindfully. Think mindfully. Talk mindfully. Be where you are… by one of my favourite bloggers, The Commonsense Philosopher…

When you get caught up in life you tend to forget your spiritual learnings. I started off remembering to be grateful for everything I have, but somewhere along the line I have instead started counting the lack….Why do we get like this despite our best intentions?

So I decided I needed a little reminder of all that I was grateful for today….

1. Having Jacob stay with me for an extra night because his father had his work Christmas Party last night.

2. My ex agreeing to take Jacob’s trampoline to his place as I needed the extra place.

3. My neighbour who I am paying to clean up my garden came over and did some work despite suffering from a hangover. My garden is starting to look great.

4. Watching a great movie with a friend and then catching up with another later in the day.

5. I am grateful that the heat we had all day had abated and it is now possible to sleep.

6. The sunshine we had all day.

7. For WordPress and all that it brings to my life.

8. For the Englishman taking the time to call and reassure me that he didn’t kill anyone despite my dream.

I could go on, but that is enough to remind me that there is a multitude of things I am grateful for right at this moment……


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  1. jamesneed says:

    Always a pleasure to hear you enjoyed the post! Keep basking in thoughts of love and appreciation for now, keep going smaller and simpler…
    Namaste 🙂

    1. Thank you. It was a serendipitous to have come across your post just at that moment. And I loved the words…Blessings.

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