The Calm Before the Storm

We are battening down the hatches for Tropical Cyclone Lusi which is expected to hit New Zealand later this afternoon. I am in the midst of renovating my basement and this morning got the builders to secure all the doors and lightweight building materials just in case. Yet, the weather at the present moment is very calm and it is hard to imagine what is to come. I have just been to the supermarket and it was busier than usual because Civil Defense Warnings have been given for people to prepare to be without water and power for a few days and a reminder to have their emergency kits ready including food and water for 3 days….

Kiwis are a bit different to the rest of the world’s population when it comes to taking precautions about anything. A “she’ll be right” attitude pervades everything they do and most people are extremely optimistic in nature. I am the exact opposite and take every precaution at a time like this. But people I spoke to this morning were saying they didn’t think the storm is going to be anything like what is predicted. I don’t care. I would rather be safe than sorry…..

I know where natural disasters are concerned, you can only prepare so much. The rest is left up to chance. Insurance companies call these sort of events “acts of god” for precisely that reason. Only the Divine knows what exactly will eventuate. The rest of us can only hope that we and our loved ones and everyone else around us will be safe…


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