2014 in Progress

We are nearly a quarter of the way through 2014 and I thought it was a good time to take stock. There has been lots of changes in my life from when I wrote Plans for the Coming Year in November last year. Life has been extremely busy with Jacob’s needs at school, doing lots of fun and interesting things with the Englishman, enjoying the long summer we were blessed with this year, starting a big renovation project at home to add to my financial security and finally planning a much anticipated trip to England with Jacob to meet the Englishman’s parents in April. Knowing I had to be careful about how much I took on with my need to control stress for health reasons, I had to reluctantly drop the University paper I was planning to do this semester in Archeology. This blog too has suffered from lack of attention. But it has been been for the best of reasons. Lots of good, positive things are happening in my life right now, it is hard to stop and take the time to reflect.

We leave for England on the 11th of April and get back on the 29th. It will be my first time in England and Jacob’s first time anywhere in Europe. We are starting in London and then driving further north to Peterborough where the Englishman is originally from. We are planning to end the trip with two days in Paris to sight see and two days in Germany visiting family in Neuberg. A slight fly in the ointment is that the last leg of the return journey is on a Malaysian Airlines flight. But as I said to my father, right now; it is probably the safest airline in the world. And the law of averages would mean there is very little chance of a second Malaysian Airlines flight going missing in such a short time. Anyway, that is what I tell myself:).

The house renovations are progressing, although not at the speed I originally expected it to. Creating a small studio apartment with additional storage facilities out of a basement storage area is a lot more complex than I thought. So many little decisions to make about where light switches should go and whether to carpet or not, what sort of windows and where doors are supposed to go; it is quite wearying. But it is also exhilarating at the same time. I am finally creating something tangible. Having never had the joy of building a house from scratch, this project feels like I have given birth again. It is entirely my brain child and will live on long after I have gone. I have also taken steps to customise it in such a way that it will provide me with a suitable living space should I ever have mobility issues and cannot climb the stairs up to my house anymore. If my insurance company stops my pension payment for any reason, I now have the ability to move into the studio and rent out the space upstairs. And when Jacob reaches his late teens, the apartment will provide him with some private space and the ability to live somewhat independently of me. In the meantime it will generate additional income as tourist accommodation listed on Airbnb.com.

Jacob has had a much better term at school than I had expected. It still needs careful management, but he has settled into class and has a lot more good days than bad days in a given week. His Teacher Aide falling sick suddenly did throw a wrench in the works, but we are slowly working through that as well and are now down to the final three weeks of term. He still spends far too much time playing Minecraft or other games on his iPod or watching Minecraft videos on YouTube, but you can also see lots of positive changes in him since last year. He has always had an interest in geology and has recently started a rock collection which I am actively trying to encourage. He did the Round the Bays 8.4 km walk with his dad for the second year running making me a very proud mum. For a child with so many challenges, he gives me so much to be thankful for.

I might not have lots of time to write in the next few weeks and I hope you will bear with me till life has settled down sufficiently. At the moment, I am too busy living:)….Love to you all.


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  1. I really enjoyed these highlights. So glad your son is doing well!

    1. Thanks Kimberly. It feels like there has been a step change in all things and writing it down today made it very apparent.

  2. Madhawa says:

    Hi, I’ve landed on your own blog after about a period that seems like an eon. I’m so glad to read about your brilliant plans for future, son doing well, romance warming up your life and travelling in Europe! Couldn’t have timed better. I’m thrilled. All the best!

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