The Quiet Time


It is that quiet half an hour after school drop off. Just me in the house and the sound of birds chirping in the Phoenix Palm next door. Bliss. I saw a house for sale close to my favourite beach about 15 minutes from here. Even the street name sounds lovely; Otitori Bay……Just for a moment, I allowed myself to dream about the what ifs….What if I could afford it….Very unlikely given it’s council valuation which is three years old is nearly twice as much as my house…But for those few brief moments, it was wonderful to picture myself in that house. I had given up dreaming and hoping somewhere along the way…Maybe it is time to allow myself to dream. Not that I am giving up my intent to live in the present moment, but to look in my heart and find things that resonate with my core…And living near the sea has always been one of those dreams….


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  1. iamyourme says:

    Oh, NO! Don’t give up on the “What Ifs” ! They are the ingredients for creating life as you desire it to be! Continue to dream and ask The Universe to assist you. Once you put it out there via your “what ifs”, it is a done deal. Just make sure you are in a happy vibration when you do cause words can be empty at times. Feel what your saying and know it to be for you to have! Your “what ifs” get you there quick fast and in a hurry. I’ve got my ‘What if I were in my new home relaxing chatting with flowersforthemoon about our manifested desires and new hopes and dreams to come 😀 I know that to be true to come to me and I to it. Get ready and stay by the phone!

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