Like begets like….

Yesterday I wrote about my dream to own a house by sea. I have a strong affinity for the sea and would one day like to live somewhere I can glance out of my window and see the sun glistening on the water. Where the muted roar of the ocean is soothing background noise as I go about my day. I have also been communicating with a fellow blogger whom I connected with via email about manifesting dreams vs. being happy with what you currently have in your life. That led me to the realisation that our dreams are automatically realised once we start appreciating and being grateful for what we have have in our lives right now at this very moment.

I have lived in this house for just over 3 years. I moved in here at a time when a lot of things were up in the air and I needed to be in the geographical eligibility zone for my son’s school. I have made a myriad of improvements to it over the past few years and it is a lovely place to live in. There is birdsong in my backyard right now even though it is mid-day. On fine days, you can catch magnificent sunsets out of the dinning room window. I have good neighbours and it is handy to everything. While it is small, I have managed to carve out extra space to rent out and earn some additional income. This morning, I have been concentrating on freshening up my bedroom and am really pleased with the result. I am very grateful that I have this beautiful space to give me shelter and sanctuary…..


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