The Void

My house is cleaner than it has been in a long time. I am using my new found free time to attend to long over due tasks. But sooner or later I am going to run out of those and then find myself in the void. The place where you feel the empty feeling otherwise known as missing someone who you held dear to your heart for so long. I get fleeting glimpses of this pain as l slow down enough to recognize it.

I thought I had removed all the visible signs of my relationship. But a short while earlier, I happened to glance at the picture of the purple daisy over my backdoor. A present to remember a perfect day spent at Waiheke Island just over a year ago. One of those idyllic days when time seems to slow down so you can enjoy it just that bit more…..

All I can do is keep engaging in positive activities and hope that with the passage of time, this too shall pass…

Waiheke August 13 050


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  1. Jean says:

    Wishing you strength etc. Do you engage in any exercise of any form at this time on a regular basis?

    1. Thank you Jean. Yes, when I don’t have my son I walk. That’s actually the only form of exercise my doctor’s allow. But have been trying to spend time at the beach, even it is just driving up and sitting in the car because the weather is so bad at the moment.
      And I have taken your advice from a few months back and found the kind of friends you recommended. That meant I had to give up some that weren’t healthy. But now I do have a better support network and I feel stronger for it. Thanks again:)

  2. Jean says:

    Yup, better to let go of toxic human situations. 🙂 Hope you visit my blog world occasionally. There are some good regular bloggers that visit too. Maybe you can check some of their blogs.

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