Going Vegetarian

It has been a full month since I stopped eating meat or fish. The first few weeks were really easy because there were so many things I wanted to try my hand at making. I was having at least two vegetable dishes and a protein dish; usually lentils for every meal. I only needed to cook every second or third day and there were lots of condiments and chutneys I could buy readymade at the local Sri Lankan shop to add to my mainly rice based meals. I had friends join me for a meal twice. The first time I had a frozen chicken dish for my meat eating friend and the second time I cooked a meat dish for a friend visiting from Australia. I didn’t think it was fair to subject her to my diet when she had no idea I had gone vegetarian just prior to her arrival . I have been out for a vegetarian Indian meal with a group from Meetup.com and had eaten out a few times with friends and enjoyed the novelty of eating something new. I ate at friends’s houses thrice in this time and on these occasions I made sure I took a few things with me. The fact that I am gluten free as well limits what I can have when I am visiting, but I have managed.

This week though, eating has been a challenge. I have been fighting a cold and found most things to be tasteless:(.. My immune system has taken a hit with the change in diet and I know the stress of a relationship breakup isn’t helping.The initial excitement of cooking lots of different things have worn out and I know I need to find motivation. For now, like anything else in life it is taking one day at a time……


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  1. Yes, continue to take one day at a time. I am a vegetarian and I find when I am sick I may crave meat. Otherwise I never do. So, just be aware that maybe your illness is playing a role in your eating choices right now.

    1. Thanks Kim. I hadn’t thought of that. Still feeling unwell and now realise whatever I have is affecting my taste sensations as well.

  2. Jean says:

    Hope you get better soon. I think being gluten free is oversold not unless one is a celiac disease sufferer…meaning if a person eats bread they end up the hospital and ready to die. Their stomach cannot digest bread and the bread rots in their stomach which means…it’s deadly for them.

    Most people need to cut down on their bread, flour consumption to feel better. I only eat artisan breads that are not made with chemicals, etc. I actually had cut out white rice from my diet because it’s higher in sugar…and causes me not to feel well. I had a blood test which put me on higher sugar. So that scared me abit.

    I will have sushi several times per YEAR because of the rice. I used to have rice every dinner 80% of time and had no problems.

    1. Hi Jean, Thank you. I am much better now and the doctor has run some tests and said it is probably the stress causing the reduction in immune function as there is nothing else wrong with me.
      I went Gluten Free after feeling a lot of discomfort from eating wheat based products. I was taking Asprin at that time and that caused stomach irritation.

      Yes, white rice can be higher GI, but I think Basmati Rice has a lower GI than other types, especially Sushi rice, so I tend to eat that most often.

      1. Jean says:

        Takes time to find the right customized diet balance for each person at different stages of their lives.

        Hopefully you don’t need to take aspirin daily. No doctor would recommend that. (One of my sisters is an emergency services doctor).

        Do you exercise at all?

      2. I stopped the Aspirn about 14 months ago, but now on a new drug called Clopidogrel – one every 3 days to minimize any adverse effects. It is another blood thiner.
        I do walking as my main form of exercise and have also started yoga recently. Doctor doesn’t want me to do any upper body exercise given my anatomical complications in the neck, left arm and thoracic region.

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