What If…

It is very rarely in life we get a chance to revisit a particular situation from our past and see what might have eventuated if circumstances had been different. It’s like using a time machine and taking our present day self to the past to see how we might have handled it with what we know now.

I had the privilege of doing so over the last 6 weeks. The outcome remained the same, but I learned that I was stronger and more self aware and thus able to deal with it better. I also learned that all the “what ifs” I had agonized over once upon a time could not have changed what was meant to be. More than anything it has helped bring closure to what was once a gaping wound..I am grateful to have had this opportunity.


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  1. I took heart from this posting. It is nice to look back and realize the outcome was what it should have been. For some reason, there is strength and peace in that.

    1. Thank you Kim. I like to think of it as having rattled the Universe’s cages so much last time around asking why did it happen that way, it decided to take pity on me and let me learn my lesson properly this time:)…It was simply not meant to be and my lesson was learning the art of acceptance:)

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