The First Time

The first half of the last week was extremely trying, but things have improved vastly. It was actually good to write about how I was feeling about my medical test results and own those feelings. Many friends and fellow bloggers from far and near reached out to offer support and I am truly grateful to have such loving people in my life.

About a week ago, I ordered a number of books from Auckland Library. We are lucky enough to live in a Supercity which means I get access to books from the 55 libraries in our network. The books were from a list I started compiling some time ago after attempts to remember book titles I come across while reading something online failed. I decided the only way I could make sure I went back to look at those titles was to start noting them down. When my list reached about 9 titles, I decided to see if I could borrow them instead of buying them as I had originally planned to do. Unexpected expenses this month in the form of a broken car door handle and a refrigerator that died suddenly meant I had to be a bit more prudent with my spending.

Four of the books have already arrived and I have just finished reading the first one..Lu Ann Cahn’s “I Dare Me”. She is a 53 year old investigative journalist and cancer survivor who finds herself unmotivated and stagnant and upon her daughter’s suggestion, starts a blog about trying one new thing every day for a year as a means of becoming “unstuck”. The firsts range from going without looking at a mirror for a day to riding a mechanical bull to going to the movies alone. What she discovered through her experiment was that her life changed hugely for the better with new opportunities and motivation and friendships.

Reading the book made me think about where I was in life. Actually on reflection, I don’t do too badly in terms of “firsts”, especially since becoming single 5 years ago. I had done many things I had been afraid to do previously. Learning to drive on the Motorway, crossing the Auckland Harbour Bridge, going away on holiday with Jacob on my own, buying a house on my own, having something built that was my own creation, learning to use a lawnmower, visiting new places in New Zealand and overseas, riding the TGV and the TranzAlpine Express, trying new foods, seeing my first hot air balloon up close, going to my first live concert, going to a film premier, watching a movie at IMAX, seeing snow for the first time, starting a blog, discovering spirituality, starting therapy, making new friends, learning to use Facebook and Skype, owning a smartphone..I could go on, but you get the picture.

The important thing is the realisation that doing all these have helped shape who I am today. It probably kept me sane when my life was turned upside down, not once but many times. And it has reinforced the importance of continuing to try new things as the opportunities come up. Lu Ann’s book has given me lots of ideas for more things to try in the New Year…Check out her blog on


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